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Jewish Wedding Traditions

Jewish Wedding Traditions

Jewish weddings are steeped in traditions that have been passed down through generations. These traditions are a reflection of Jewish culture and are meant to symbolize the commitment and love between the bride and groom. Here are some of the common Jewish wedding traditions:

Ketubah Signing

The Ketubah is a Jewish marriage contract that outlines the obligations of the groom to his bride. It is signed by the groom, two witnesses, and the Rabbi before the wedding ceremony.


The Bedeken is a veiling ceremony where the groom covers the bride's face with a veil before the wedding ceremony. This tradition has different interpretations, but it is often seen as a way to ensure that the groom is marrying the right woman.


The Chuppah is a canopy that is set up at the wedding ceremony. It symbolizes the couple's new home and their commitment to each other. The bride and groom stand under the Chuppah during the wedding ceremony.

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Kiddushin is the Hebrew word for "sanctification." It is the formal act of marriage and is completed under the Chuppah. The groom gives the bride a ring and recites a traditional blessing.

Breaking of the Glass

At the end of the wedding ceremony, the groom breaks a glass under his foot. This tradition has several interpretations, but it is often seen as a reminder of the destruction of the Temple in Jerusalem and a symbol of the couple's commitment to help repair the world.


Yichud is a private moment that the bride and groom share after the wedding ceremony. It allows them to spend some time alone and reflect on the meaning of their new relationship.

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The Hora is a traditional Jewish dance that is performed at the wedding reception. The bride and groom are lifted on chairs and danced around by their guests.

Seven Blessings

The Seven Blessings are recited over a cup of wine at the wedding reception. They are meant to celebrate the couple's love and commitment, and to offer them blessings for a happy and fruitful marriage.

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In conclusion, Jewish weddings are rich in traditions that are designed to symbolize the love and commitment between the bride and groom. These traditions have been passed down through generations and continue to be an important part of Jewish culture and society.